Meeting and calls

Focus on your meeting agenda.

Leave space and tools concerns with us.

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Your options...

One Hour

It's just a short meeting

$ 700 .00


Half a day

A need a few hours...

$ 2.400 .00


One day

This is gone a take at least a day...

$ 4.000 .00



24x24 | 7x7 

High Speed Network

Fiber optic connection 


0,60 cve


Refrigerator, microwave, coffee, drinker

Video Projector

Video projector and pointers 

Sound System



Our team supports yours 

C-19 safety procedures

Work on a compliant environment

... bring your ideas!


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Rooms: 01.01 | 01.02 | 01.03

Praça Palmarejo, Ed. Imperio, Praia

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Rooms 02.01 | 02.02

Edificio Miramar, Palmarejo Baixo, Praia

Room 03.01

Edificio BIC, Av Santiago, Palmarejo, Praia.