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Sal Island has been declared as a cadastral area in Cape Verde

And we did it! Financed by MCC, Prime participated with DAI and VerdeAzul in a pioneer challenge.

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Can we help?

Our eGov and Land Management experience are key to support you in domains such as:

Strategy, Design and Planning

Methodology, Software, Budgeting, Legal framework, Gender, Social and Environmental issues...

Procedures and Documentation

Process and workflow, operations manual, collaborative tools...

Execution and Monitoring

Field work, back office operations, data quality, dash-boarding for decision making process.

Try our LAMS Solution

Land Administration Management System can integrate with your Central Cadaster Platform and Data bases.

Processes templates

Define your workflow and tasks patterns. Apply them to each claim or property. Refine as needed.

Claimer Services

One-Stop-Shop approach to support interaction with claimers, including call center contacts, email and sms. 

Issues Management

There's always unexpected situations. Maintain everything under control for field and back office operations.

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Choose the right tools and platforms.

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Team Work

Keep your team motivated and results oriented.

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Envolve community trough different channels.

Facing Land Management Challenges?

Contact us for business, collaboration or partnerships

Ian Rose


Team Leader - Sal Land Project

Bruno Lopez

Verde Azul - Moçambique

Deputy Team Leader - SAL Land Project

Paulo Martins

Prime Consulting - Cabo Verde

Technical Director - Sal Land Project


Odoo CMS - a big picture

Sal Cadastre Field Work Team

Thanks everyone... More than one hundred people from...MCC, MCA, INGT, DGRNI, DGPE, CMSAL, CNSAL, CRPSAL, NOSi, IEFP, CMSAL, DAI, VERDE AZUL...

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