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Founded in 2007, Prime Consulting is a technology and advisory consulting company that specializes in e-government solutions. Headquartered in the city of Praia, Cabo Verde, Prime specifically serves the public sector and its integration with the private sector.

Our main goal is to assist government agencies and private companies to transform their business processes through the use of our wide range of information technology solutions. We strive to promote the industry’s best practices within our company as well as our clients’ organizations, while making sure that our solutions are adapted to their needs and usage. We provide ongoing consulting support including business strategies and ICT investments that are in line with our clients’ vision and business objectives, while ensuring optimal value at an affordable cost.

We have garnered an extensive client portfolio in our nine years of existence. Entities across multiple countries, including, Cabo Verde, Angola, Portugal, Mozambique and São Tomé, have chosen Prime Consulting to help them improve their management and business processes. We have provided these institutions with the best solutions available on the market including, but not limited to, collaboration solutions, communication, online presence, process management, project management, digital archives, and e-commerce.

Our Roots:

Paulo Noel Martins and Roberto Neil Barbosa founded Prime Consulting to provide government agencies and enterprises with tools to more efficiently conduct their tasks. To supplement their extensive experience as practitioners of e-government solutions, the founders have built a strong internal team covering many areas of expertise that are crucial to a company’s success. Prime Consulting is the first company operating in Cabo Verde that has fully adopted the use of Cloud technology to support information sharing amongst its employees who are based in various cities across the globe including Mindelo (Design and Development), Praia (Customer Relations), Lisbon (Financial Management), Mumbai (Software Development), Luanda (Project Management and Delivery), Zurich (IT Operations), and Paris (Human Resources).

Our Core Values:

As individuals we value honesty, integrity, and accountability.

As consultants we value professionalism and are invested in the success of our clients.

As a company we value innovation, creativity, team work, and technological independence in order to provide solutions using a variety of products that fit our customers’ unique business and technology needs.

Board Members

Ângelo Barbosa
Administrador Executivo
Eneida Fortes
Administradora - Não Executiva
Paulo Noel Martins
Roberto Barbosa
Administrador - Não Executivo
Sónia Lobo
Administradora Executiva

We love to travel and meet people. Prime has successfully executed projects at Portugal, Angola, São Tomé and Mozambique... and yes, we really like to do it based on trustful partnerships. 

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